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Drop a Gem Publishing is the home of street lit author Shaka, a writer who has lived the life of the streets but transformed his life during a 19 year bid in the state penitentiary.  Shaka writes honestly about the streets and the illusion of success that has sent too many of our young men to an early grave or life in prison.

As an up and coming urban publisher, it is important for us to situate ourselves within the larger context of hip hop culture.  Hip hop is a lifestyle that embodies the essence of urban life.  Like Black culture, however, hip hop is not monolithic.  It is as diverse as the people who live and breathe it.  Whether it’s music, fashion, art or books, hip hop is the standard by which “cool” or “hip” is measured.

Dynamic and fluid as it is, hip hop culture has transcended beats and rhymes, deejaying and graffiti art — opening up doors in the literary world for a different brand of storytellers.  Over the past ten years there has been a growing interest in what’s been called hip hop or street literature, which in many ways is an extension of the storytelling found in hip hop music.

The most addictive book in the streets!

Drop a Gem Publishing’s debut novel Crack Volume 1 and the highly anticipated sequel Crack Volume 2 are products of hip hop culture and urban life – the good, the bad and the hopeful.  Like other street lit novels, the Crack series is full of violence, sex and drugs.  What sets these street lit novels apart from other titles, however, is the cultural values and political insights weaved throughout.  As a publisher, our goal is to teach life-affirming lessons and inspire greatness in our people through street literature.  The drama gets the reader’s attention, but critical seeds are planted in the tale of Devon Jensen, a Detroit Detective who sets out to solve his childhood friend’s murder.

We are the “Conscience of Street Lit,” which means we speak the truth about our collective reality while also inspiring the change we need in our communities by dropping little gems of wisdom.


Shaka and Ebony, Founders

  1. I got to get that Crack Volume II for real man! I’m starting to have withdrawals. Lol

  2. Melvin Rogers says:

    Shaka, connect with Lamont Carey of LaCarey Entertainment. You both have similar values and agendas. Peace and Love. Melvin

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